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12 March 2007 @ 11:56 pm
((????? I think I did something wrong. I wanted to send a join request, but LJ just let me join, first thing? I'm sorry! How do I send a request? Please don't ban me?))
22 October 2006 @ 05:07 am
The lab corridors, narrow, musty, and dank, twisted this way and that as Yazoo led the substantially smaller party on towards Jenova's ultimate hiding place. Sephiroth and the ShinRa troops had remained behind to secure the entrance that Loz had wrenched open singlehandedly, and so the rest of the party had trooped grimly onward into the labs.

As seemed to be usual for now, Yazoo was in the lead, with Loz not at all far behind; they knew these corridors all too well, after all.

((All right, folks, we're moving things along so that we can actually finish it; this is the boss fight, so please take a moment or so to determine your character's shape after working through the small fry and play accordingly. Please be realistic about it, that's all we want. If you need to withdraw your pup, feel free, but please give us a quick OOC note explaining how and why so we know who we have to work with. Thanks so much! :D))
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20 August 2006 @ 05:39 pm
It's just a mission.

Zax is finding it works best to think of it that way. It's not really under official orders, far more is at stake here than he's ever had to worry about before, and certainly he's never marched with quite this assortment of people, but those are mere details. This is a mission; he's doing his job. This is what he entered SOLDIER to do, and he has no intention of failing, or letting anyone here down.

So far it seems quiet. Zax knows better than to let down his guard for that, however - he's close to full alert, waiting for the first signal to take action.

Glancing around briefly at his comrades, he offers a small grin. "Let's hope the clones don't take all the fun for themselves, huh?"

((Just for the record, Zax has the following materia equipped in his armor: mastered Cure-All combo, mastered Time, and Luck Plus.))
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16 August 2006 @ 01:46 pm
It is time to leave.

Yazoo, Loz, and their respective groups head out first.

Fifteen minutes later, Sephiroth's group follows.

It is only a matter of time now.

((Floor is open now; please feel free to make threads or jump in on such at your leisure, and thank you for your patience. ^^;))
02 August 2006 @ 02:57 am
Finally, Yazoo stands, still with the bag of loaned materia in one hand. "This is the final grouping," he said, gesturing to the whiteboard. "Those going with Sephiroth are as follows: Cloud one, Cloud two, Zax, Aerith, and Zack, plus you five." He gestured to a small knot of the SOLDIERs. "Leela. You are with Loz. You" -by this he meant Vincent- "are with me. The remaining SOLDIERs are to split up evenly between myself and Loz."

He scoops a sword up from a table and fastens it behind himself for easy reach; those observant enough could easily tell that it was in fact Kadaj's souba. "Those of you wishing to take advantage of the Seal-All combination are to come up here and get this. I suggest one person per group at first. Over by Loz are some supplies; if you think there is anything you may need, take it with you. My group and Loz's shall be leaving for our exit gates in five minutes; Sephiroth's approximately fifteen minutes after that."

He whirls to face them all, hands folded behind his back. "Remember this: do not underestimate her or her pawns. It could possibly be the last mistake you ever make."

With that, Yazoo sets up camp by the whiteboard to wait.
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13 July 2006 @ 04:41 pm

Finally, Yazoo stands up from the table, papers in hand. "It's time," he says simply, stalking over to a (borrowed) whiteboard and quickly drawing out a rough map.

"This is where she's holed up; a series of ruined laboratories just on the outskirts of Midgar. Surely she is bending those afflicted with Geostigma to her will, forcing them to serve as her bodyguards and human shields. I advise you to keep this in mind: you would be doing them a favor by by giving them merciful deaths.

"Now, then: there will be three groups; Sephiroth shall head one, Loz another, and I myself the third. We will split and approach from three directions to make sure she does not move without at least one of us spotting her; Loz and I will approach from the left and right, respectively, and Sephiroth will come straight at her. Those with the central group are advised to expect heavy resistance, as you are in fact part of a diversionary force.

"We will leave from these three gates here, here, and here; the gates on the left and right will leave first, and as silently and swiftly as possible, barring, of course, resistance; she will surely have her puppets stepping in to intercept us. From our scouting, it's very likely to be the ordinary citizens first, with those with actual skill kept closer to her." His face darkens a little bit. "And, of course, she is not without skills of her own; I do not see her dirtying her hands with physical force in the slightest, but her magical and mental skills are formidable and not to be underestimated.

"Now: if anyone has any preferences on where they are to be, speak now or forever hold your peace; we move as soon as the final grouping is assigned."
24 June 2006 @ 09:59 pm
There is a train station down in the slums that's atracting a lot of attention - in part, because of Yazoo and Loz, but also due to the fact that people keep showing up to wait for some mysterious order that has yet to be issued. Yazoo, at present, is busy poring over charts and maps one last time, occasionally glancing up to take note of a newcomer or reach for another chart to skim.

It's almost time to move.

((And we're baaack~))
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20 June 2006 @ 08:50 am
*There is a memo on Sephiroth's desk. It's taped shut and stamped CONFIDENTIAL. When Sephiroth opens it, it will read thus:*

Recipient: General Sephiroth
Sender: SOLDIER:1st Zax Gunnolf
Date: 6.20.2006
Subject: Family matters

Sir, we've gotten word from your brothers. It's time to move. She's changed position since we last heard; enclosed is a map of the new area.

I am equipping my best Materia and also carrying emergency tranquilizers. Awaiting further orders.

((Yep - this means the war's finally getting started. Sorry for the delay, everyone. ^_^))
10 June 2006 @ 02:24 am
Kadaj was wandering aimlessly around the stores in Midgar, looking into windows, watching the people inside with shining eyes. So much life and bustle. Yet he was bored. So, closing his eyes, he concentrated on sending a message to any with Jenova cells who could hear him.

Hello. I am rather bored. Perhaps someone would like to join me, I am in the city center.

When he was done, he sat on a bench watching the people pass, hoping some company would appear soon.
06 June 2006 @ 11:17 pm
Hi, folks. All those of you with pups planning to participate in the upcoming war - y'all know who you are - could I get you to drop a line here so we have all the information in one place? Listing all your AP pups isn't necessary, but it's encouraged. Just let us know that you're willing to participate so we have an idea of how long this may take.

Also: the tentative structure of the war is something similar to the Patchwork Earth war - for those of you not familiar with it, the structure was simple enough: people posted at will about their role, and other people could come in and reply to that post, with occasional moderator-directed posts to move the plotline along. It seems by far the simplest way to handle things during the course of the war, and should keep the headaches down to a minimum.

Comments? Questions? Theories? Leave a comment and let us know.